What We Do As a School

As a school we try and support our pupils as best as possible. We understand there are many areas of support needed for our pupils and Mental Well-Being is one of them. We have a fantastic pastoral team that offers support and care for our pupils throughout day to day issues in school. We also have a fantastic Mental Health and Well-being Co-ordinator for the school Miss Wynne who ensures that pupils receive relevant up to date information on mental health and well-being for both students and staff members.

PSHE and Tutor Times

We run whole school assemblies for the pupils based around mental health and support. They also have tutor times and once a week each form group receives a pre planned (Jigsaw) wellbeing session in a tutor session. They receive one PSHE lesson per week, resources from Jigsaw and covers topics such as: self esteem, confidence, health and wellbeing, personal developments, relationships, peer pressure, social groups and emotions. These sessions are provided to help embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life. Our students need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships and build self-efficacy.

Pastoral Team

The year leaders are the first point of contact, they may discuss with parents, and then refer to GP (may refer to YES) or counsellors, mentors, or school nurse. All of our pastoral staff have completed a Level 2 qualification in Young People’s Mental Health (2019). They are all safeguarding trained to help support pupils and lead them in the right direction of support if external support is needed.

We have also have run a small project for year 9 students – 15 of them have received a 10 week workshop from project me to boost confidence and self esteem. Run by Project ME.

Staff Mental Health Ambassadors

The school has a number of staff completing the Level 2 qualification in young people's mental health and these members of staff have become mental health ambassadors. The staff below are currently supporting and promoting strong mental health amongst our pupils. These staff members are: Miss Dutton, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Till , Miss Townshend, Mr Elliott, Miss Wynne, Miss Joyce, Mr Rudkins, Mrs Stannard, Miss Harrigan

Miss Milton, Mrs Nation and Miss Wood.

Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors

Along side having staff mental health ambassadors we also believe in including our pupils and promoting strong mental health through their voice and representation. These following pupils should be very proud of their commitment and are our mental health ambassadors:

Isabel Denny - yr8

Henry Owen - yr8

Flora Thomas - yr9

Jessica Dicapria - yr9

Matthew Bichener - yr10

Lily Juniper - yr10

Year Group Specific Support

Children's mental health week was on 1st Feb 2021. The week saw each year group have specific tasks set daily, to help maintain and promote their great mental health. As a school, we use two main sources; Place2b and obtained many external guest speaker from Now and Beyond.

On Wednesday 3rd Feb, we took part in Festival Day. Throughout the day, each year group had a live webinar to attend. Topics ranged from anxiety and stress, to mindfulness and confidence.

In School Mentors

As a school we have two mentors that volunteer to support our pupils and offer support. The 2 mentors in school - Pete and Charlie. We have opportunities for Level 2 University students to support some of our students in a variety of different projects.

In School Councillors

We are very dedicated to ensure our students get the support they need and therefore have opportunities in site for students to see a qualified Counsellor on request. We also have 2 other training counsellors working with our students.

SENCO – SEMH and SEND department

We have a very dedicated SEND department who offer the upmost support for our pupils with SEND needs. Amongst everything else they also complete the following to support:

- Mental health surveys with all CIC and high priority SEND students and act on these appropriately.

- Daily check ins with key mentors

- Each student is assigned a key mentor and mental health surveys are completed.

- Work with EP's in regards to supporting students mental welfare.

School Nurse

We have a school nurse that comes into school for our pupils to see and discuss any on going issues. The school nurse is available 9:00am - 11:30am every Tuesday morning in our meeting rooms. Students can talk to their pastoral lead to arrange an appointment.

Staff Support

Miss Wynne promotes well-being to staff, which in turn, allows staff to efficiently promote this to students. She has organised external staff CPD, alongside sending whole school wellbeing emails monthly, and provides well-being workshops virtually. Staff receive updates, top tips and links via their own Staff Google Classroom.