What we do as a school

As a school we try and support our pupils as best as possible. We understand there are many areas of support needed for our pupils. We have a fantastic pastoral team that offers support and care for our pupils with day to day issues in school, as well as other resources outlined below.

PSHE and Tutor Times

We run whole school assemblies for pupils based around mental health and support. They also have tutor times where pupils can touch base with their form tutors. We offer our PSHE curriculum where we cover aspects such as; self esteem, confidence, health and wellbeing, personal developments, relationships, peer pressure, social groups and emotions. These sessions are provided to help embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life. 

Pastoral Team 

The year leaders are the first point of contact, they may discuss with parents, and then refer to GP (may refer to YES) or counsellors, mentors, or school nurse. Our pastoral team are all safeguarding trained to help support pupils and lead them in the right direction of support if external support is needed. 

Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors

Along side having staff mental health first aiders, we also believe in including our pupils and promoting strong mental health through their voice and representation. We have a number of student mental health first aiders from different year groups in the school who have received workshops on mental health to enable them to be confident in having conversations around mental health with their peers. They help with Children's Mental Health Week and Mental Health Awareness Week each year.

In School Mentors

As a school we have a mentor; Julie Esom who offers our pupils one to one meetings and support.

In School Councillors

We are very dedicated to ensure our students get the support they need and therefore have opportunities on site for students to see a qualified counsellor on request. 

SENCO – SEMH and SEND department 

We have a very dedicated SEND department who offer the upmost support for our pupils with SEND needs. Amongst everything else they also complete the following to support: 

-Work with EP's in regards to supporting students' mental welfare.

-Key mentoring for identified students

-Boxall profiling for identified students who have Haven/ELSA support

School Nurse 

We have a school nurse that comes into school. Students can book in with pastoral or SEN to see the school nurse.